As we age, our skin loses fat, natural sugars, proteins, and hyaluronic acid (HA), which leads to decrease in tissue volume and loss of structural support, leading to our faces looking hollow and sunken. Injections of HA fillers into specific locations in the face serve to reverse the process of aging by replacing lost volume, providing structural support to existing tissue, and stimulating the natural formation of new collagen in those areas, giving the face a lifted and rejuvenated appearance. The process of new collagen formation by the body means that if a patient has been receiving regular filler injections over 5 years and decides to stop after that, she will likely look younger than before she started doing fillers, even though she is, in fact, 5 years older.

Fillers with unique properties can be injected into specific locations in the face to improve the target area or to perfect the contour of the face. For example, soft fillers can be used in delicate areas, such as to shape and plump the lips; while hard fillers that do not spread or change in shape can be used to precisely contour the nose or the chin. Fillers which stretch well with movement can be used in areas of constant activity, such as to smoothen the Marionette lines around the mouth; while fillers which contain Glutathione, an antioxidant which reduces dark pigment, can be used to simultaneously smoothen the appearance of sunken tear troughs, as well as reduce the appearance of dark eye rings. At The Face Aesthetic Clinic, we carry a wide range of fillers from top recognised brands, to ensure that the most appropriate product is used for each unique patient and desired outcome.