Treatment for Pigmentary Conditions

Melasma, the root word of which in Greek means "the mask of pregnancy", is commonly found in women, especially those undergoing a period of hormonal fluctuation such as pregnancy, and those who have a strong family history of the disease. Other risk factors include sun exposure, and usage of certain medications. The extent and chronicity of the lesions, as well as the general lack of effective treatment methods make melasma a source of considerable distress and anxiety in patients. 

At The Face Aesthetic Clinic, we manage melasma through a multifaceted clinical approach, combining oral medications, oral sun blocks, topical medications, targeted skin care and judicious sun protection with a combination of vascular and pigment lasers to improve the appearance of melasma, prevent its progression, and delay its recurrence.

The treatment of other pigmentary conditions such as freckles, solar lentigines or Hori's naevus are similarly approached, and tailored to each individual patient, skin type and condition.